A Gentleman’s Lifestyle

Nat 4A gentleman’s lifestyle spans across a number of areas. From style, to travel, to fine dining, his choices in life are a culmination of indulgences. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should indulge in excess, but there is nothing wrong with taking a moment to enjoy a vice or two while looking fly and fresh to death. A glass of wine or scotch, a fine cigar, or a nice dinner never hurt anyone. Sophistication is the word that comes to mind when I think of these indulgences. So may think it boring, not wild or “turnt up” enough. However, some of the best experiences in life are not about reliving The Hangover, but taking in the calm subtleties of the moment and the ambiance around you.

Nat 7There is a the misconception that being sophisticated is a stodgy, old man’s game. It’s not. In a world where so many associate ‘cool’ and ‘popular’ with classless rebellion (I see you Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Reality TV), what could be more more progressive and rebellious than being sophisticated. Not so much so that you’d be considered bougie, but just enough panache and class mixed with an air of levelheadedness that allows you not to care if you drank your beer from a can, a glass or a bottle.

Nat 6A refined gentleman understands these things and lives life unapologetically on his own terms, but is always mindful of those around him. The company of his friends is taken seriously with a level of thoughtfulness where he knows the perfect cigars, the perfect scotch and the perfect meeting location. Of the utmost importance is always carrying yourself well. 80% of success in life is showing up, the other 20% is looking the part. This same approach is taken when a gentleman is in the company of a lady. He takes great care to be reasonably attentive to her needs. Treating her with respect, making sure she’s taken care of and ensuring a good time to be had by all. A gentleman’s lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle, not a fad or something for a day or two, but a mentality that a man engages day in and day out.

Bow Ties: Modern Day Mogul
Photos By: Brandon Wildcard
Shot At: Nat Sherman Townhouse

Marc J. Kelly, MBA

Marc is the Founder of Mr. Refined. Marc has an appreciation for high street style aesthetics and high end luxury. His vision is to expose men to the fine art of combining both in a way that isn't cliché as a revival of the Harlem Renaissance Man.

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