A Night to Remember: Gentleman’s Night Out

Mr. Refined presented its inaugural event this week, Gentleman’s Night Out, featuring cigar tasting. The event was hosted at The Cigar Inn located in Midtown Manhattan. Hendrick’s Gin curated signature cocktails that were refined, bold, and smooth. The names of  the cocktails set the tone for the evening: Gentleman & A Scholar, Blazer No Tie, A Gentleman’s Dream, and Harlem Knight. A Gentleman’s Dream was the favorite drink of the night, which included Monkey Shoulder—a blended malt Scotch—with lemon, honey, and ginger. Although dubbed Gentleman’s Night Out, refined women graced the space. Cigar neophytes and aficionados enjoyed a night of savoring various cigars (light, medium, bold, and flavored) while sipping and networking.  Attendees included designers Kells Barnett and Louis Johnson of Harlem Haberdashery, actor Jamal Thomas, stylist Raven Roberts, and Chad Roberson, President of the New York Urban League Young Professionals.

Our sincerest gratitude to Edmonds Production Group, Hendrick’s Gin, Korchmar Luggage, Mixed Neat, Krave Jerky, Auntie Ronda’s Snack Mix, Cigar Inn, and Harlem Routes for partnering with us on this event.

We would like to thank all the attendees. For more pictures from the event, please visit our Facebook page by clicking here.

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Lillane Mair, Dean Sandler

Mr. Refined™

Marc is the Founder of Mr. Refined. Marc has an appreciation for high street style aesthetics and high end luxury. His vision is to expose men to the fine art of combining both in a way that isn't cliché as a revival of the Harlem Renaissance Man.

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