Aboagye by Jesse Aboagye: Not For The Minimalistic Man

20140824-DSC_0096Aboagye by Jesse Aboagye offers a selection of men’s wear accessories certainly not designed for the minimalistic man. These vibrant and bold patterned neck ties have the ability to turn any dull outfit into a statement making topic of discussion. The design consists of bold floral patterns and could be paired with a traditional suit to add character. The ties can also be worn to spice up a simple casual outfit. Have you ever wore a suit, but just felt like something was missing? Was your ensemble just a little too plain? Aboagye ties are the perfect solution. It allows you to keep your look, but add a hint of ‘check me out.’

Here at ABOAGYE we strive to provide you with the necessary accessories needed to look your best on a daily basis.   – Jesse 20140824-DSC_0125 (2)Aboagye


Whatever the occasion may be, the Aboagye accessories will help any man that’s wearing one, exude confidence. As a female, it’s nice to see a well dressed man that’s not afraid to push the envelope in fashion. When I come across a man with a unique sense of style, I immediately get the impression that he’s confident and full of character. These custom accessories allow men to jazz up their appearance without investing in an entirely new 20140824-DSC_0044 (2)wardrobe. Along with the neckties Aboagye offers lapel pins and tie clips. These are timeless items that are essential in any man’s collection. I love the versatility of the brand and I am looking forward to seeing more men step outside the box and wear Aboagye by Jesse Aboagye.

Aja Moore

Aja Moore is the owner of Cool Kids Closet, a trendy children’s wear online boutique. She also specializes in fashion consulting and apparel buying. aja@coolkidscloset.com IG: @coolkidscloset and @aja_noelle

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