Bashea Williams

Bashea Williams

Paul Bashea Williams, MSW, LGSW Paul is a dedicated father, licensed social worker, therapist, and writer. He specializes in therapeutic marital, family, and parent counseling. He writes about life, love, and fatherhood. His work has been featured on the Russ Parr Morning Show, a national syndicated radio show. His "Dear Future Wife" series will be released later this year. IG: BiboMiles

Put Wife First

A social media meme has sparked a debate. The meme shows four individuals and poses the question, “Who Comes First: Mother, Wife, Daughter, or…

Co-Parenting Tips

I share the responsibility of caring and raising my amazing 10-year-old son. His mother and I get along great because we finally get it….

Fixing You Broke Me

Truth is I’m broken. Not because a woman broke me. But because I’ve been fixing. I’ve been fixing what your exes have done. Your…