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So I’ve finally taken the plunge and gone back to shaving with a straight razor. After many unsuccessful attempts in my youth learning how to shave, I learned a few things.

1. My skin is prone to razor bumps.

2. Razor bumps are irritating. Literally. They itch, they are unsightly, and hard to get rid of.

3. Not all electric razors are created equal. From all of the department store shavers and the like, the razor bumps never stopped coming. I eventually learned that the electric razors like the ones your barber uses are the best. I’ve been using the Andis T-outliner for years with solid results. While I don’t get the closest shave with it, it’s pretty consistent and keeps the razor bumps at bay.

4. For people with skin/hair like mine, I have to shave almost everyday. No matter what razor I use, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to keep the hair on my face low to keep it from becoming ingrown.


Enter Bevel and their shaving system. The value in what Bevel provides isn’t just in their razors. There are a million razors on the market. Blades for a dollar, people who are interested in the artistic side of shaving and razors with more blades than you know what to do with. What many of them don’t do is teach you how to shave. Nor do many of them offer you a comprehensive system from start to finish. Shaving isn’t complex, but for the best results you need to make sure your paying attention to the details. Otherwise, you’ll be plagued by razor bumps, skin discoloration and irritation. The best thing I found about the system was the restoring balm. It has key ingredients that help prevent and alleviate razor bumps such as tea tree oil, aloe vera and witch hazel.

Tristan WalkerThe Company

Some of the dope things about this company are how it was founded. After making a name for himself in the tech industry as the Director of Business Development at Foursquare, founder Tristan Walker had a vision to make strides in changing how the retail industry appeals to people of color. He is a major young player in Silicon Valley having been one of the pioneers of foursquare and Entrepreneur in residence at Andreessen Horowitz. Now Tristan started his own company (Walker & Company) to solve health and beauty issues for the African American community with modern brands seemingly absent from the marketplace. Tristan’s first brand launch, BEVEL, is the first end to end shaving system for men of color. He raised 2.4 million dollars in funding, and one of the first investors was hip hop legend Nas.

Bevel Shaving System
The Product

The packaging is very handsome and the overall look and feel of the razor, the boar hair brush and the creams feels premium and refined. Shaving with the double edged razor felt very stately and not as disconnected as shaving with an electric razor. The construction or the razor is very sleek and sturdy. Made from a polished stainless steel, the razor also has a weighted head to allow for effortless passes across your face. There is no need to press the razor against your face, the weight of the razor does the work for you. Also, Bevel is very smart about their approach to educating consumers. The razor comes with a nifty step-by-step handbook on how to shave properly. It may sound awkward, but as a first timer, I wanted to make sure I didn’t slit my throat trying to get baby soft skin, so I was reading the handbook every step of the way. Also, there’s a video below if you just want a quick visual of how to shave below.



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