Bring Your Suit To Life With Patterns

Every gentleman should have a suit to wear, a simple blazer and trousers, tailored of course. However, at shindigs and celebratory events you may want to stand out amongst the crowd and add some flare to your attire. The solution is PATTERNS.

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Pattern assortments can add a little extra pizzazz to your suit and really make people take notice. However you do not want to overdo it with the patterns and create a flashy mess. It can be as simple as a solid-colored suit with a decorative pocket square, tie or bow tie to actually changing part of your suit to a patterned equivalent.


When looking to  experiment with pattern assortments in a larger fashion, keep in mind that you don’t want to overwhelm your suit with patterns. Meaning something on you needs to remain solid. Here are three options that I propose:


(1). A patterned blazer with solid trousers, undershirt, pocket square, and tie. Your blazer should add some style to your outfit, by letting the rest remain solid you can let your blazer attract the attention and standout without looking to flashy.20140425-image (7)


(2). The reverse of Option 1. Try patterned trousers with a solid colored blazer, undershirt, pocket square, and tie. Your trousers will add a little flare to your outfit and once again, you won’t overwhelm your suit with various patterns.


(3). A patterned suit, however the undershirt, tie, and pocket square need to remain solid. The suit is patterned from head to toe which is busy enough, the solid garments help to balance the suit so that you won’t have too many pattern clashes.


(4). For those who aren’t extremely big on patterns, a simple solid-colored suit with a patterned tie and pocket square is always classic!

20140425-image (4)

(5). For those who are risk takers, you can experiment with different pattern assortments concentrated on a particular component of the suit, however the patterns must have a common point of convergence or a focal point. This means you can combine different patterns if they have something in common.


Here is my take on Option 5 because it seems like most complicated of all the proposed options. Like Option 1, only the top portion of my outfit is patterned, my trousers and slippers are solid. But look closely at my blazer, bow tie, undershirt, and pocket square. Notice how they are all different colors that match and are all different patterns. The reason this looks good together is because the colors already match and that the patterns in each garment is the same color – black. So it works!


Frank Jackson

Frank Jackson is a 23 year old recent Tuskegee University graduate, Aerospace Engineer, and officer of the United States Air Force with a passion for fashion. He is a southern gentleman originally from Augusta, GA with plans to travel and experience the world! He plans on living a life fueled by diversity and fashion. Appearance is everything and life is too short to wear boring clothes, so dress it up and live it up! Don't dress for others, do it for yourself because when you look good, you feel good. Follow Frank on Instagram @prettyboyfrank.

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