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Mr. Refined Mission: The lifestyle that the man of color turns to for fashion, style, brotherhood, art, culture, and community. From Wall Street to Martin Luther King Drive, we want to represent the man of color – a rebirth of the Harlem Renaissance man.

Mr. Refined Motto: Look Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

Contributors: We are always looking for good writers that fit our brand to enhance, enlightened, educate, entertain, and cultivate a refined palate for all things that encompasses being a man of color.

Content: No reposts. All work must be original content and not previously posted online, digital, or print. If co-authorship, all authors must complete and consent. Please be sure content falls within our categories of: Style (fashion), Essentials (luxury), Refined Mind (politics, business, education, legal), Mrs. Refined (women’s fashion, entrepreneurship, relationship), Refined Living (arts, culture, dining, spirits, sports, tech, toys), and Travel. See previous published articles for guidance.

Submissions: All submissions must comply and agree to our contributors agreement. By submitting a submission, you accept the terms of our guidelines.

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I recently published an article on Mr. Refined™ Magazine regarding [enter article title]. Please feel free to share using the link below. [Insert link to article from]

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