When In Doubt, Go Black!!

Black is a color associated with power, elegance, and mystery. It’s commonly associated with the unknown and to me it means there’s an unknown and unlimited ways to incorporate black into your wardrobe.

Black is figure-flattering and sexy, every man should have that one go-to all black suit just as ladies have that signature little black dress. It’s a multiple purpose color that will never go out of style. Whether you are wearing all black in a dapper, casual, or urban environment…it works! #AllBlackEverything #Blackout #BlaccDiet are some hashtags I use on Instagram that showcase how many ladies and gents love the all black look!



I recently toured NYC and observed the fashion there and black was the primary element that stood out to me. I even found myself wearing all black during the we white visit and I’ve even experimented with different styles but using the color black as the foundation.

Black is the universal color of fashion, it’s what fashionable people wear. It’s not a difficult decision to make because black matches black, it can be endless layered, it compliments any skin tones, and you can accessorize infinitely because black is a neutral color and matches anything! Black never goes out of style, it’s seasonal, and it provides a mystery to your ensemble, people won’t be able to tell whether you went thrift shopping or to a high-end store.

There’s so much more I can say about the color black but I challenge you to see for yourself. I’ve been wearing all black in many different forms of style to include street, casual, and dapper. You can see that below. Remember, when in doubt….go black!!

20131005-image (2)

Frank Jackson

Frank Jackson is a 23 year old recent Tuskegee University graduate, Aerospace Engineer, and officer of the United States Air Force with a passion for fashion. He is a southern gentleman originally from Augusta, GA with plans to travel and experience the world! He plans on living a life fueled by diversity and fashion. Appearance is everything and life is too short to wear boring clothes, so dress it up and live it up! Don't dress for others, do it for yourself because when you look good, you feel good. Follow Frank on Instagram @prettyboyfrank.

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