Dress Like A Celebrity On Your Own Budget

Do you want to look like a celebrity and wear high fashion ensembles, but don’t have a celebrity budget? Well guess what? More and more retailers are collaborating with high-end fashion designers and are selling their products at budget friendly prices.


H&M x Isabel Marant                       Target x Philip Lim                       Jason Wu x Target
One of the most popular retailers is H&M.  H&M has collaborated with the one and only Isabel Marant, to give you great high-end fashion pieces for less.  Marant is a fashion designer who is known for her Boho-chic French aesthetics and high-end appeal. Another popular retailer that has collaborated with renowned fashion designers is Target. Target has collaborated with Philip Lim, Jason Wu, Prabal Gurung and other high-end successful fashion designers.  The result is a range of classy, edgy, and preppy looks for the seasons. Lastly ASOS.com is a global online fashion and beauty retailer that provides you with branded labels and their own label (ASOS). They ship to almost 200 countries nationwide.


Mango x Asos                                              Target x Prabal Gurung                                  River Island x Asos
Some popular brands that ASOS has collaborated with are Mango and River Island. Both brands radiate unique, innovative styles and pieces to their audience. Some of my favorite places to shop great designer pieces for discount prices are TJX companies such as Marshalls and T.J. Maxx.  Some of my clients despise these stores because it is a hit or miss with their merchandise and can be time consuming to shop through their selections. When it comes to shopping, it is important to remain patient to get the best bargains. From Nine West to Dolce & Gabbana, there are many great designers that you will find at these stores. Take your time when shopping for deals. It’s worth the work when you look back at your wallet and find you spent less than what you expected to spend. Remember, the objective is to dress for less, but no one has to know you’re on a budget!

Nine West at T.J. Maxx

Dolce and Gabbana at T.J. Maxx


Kethlene Felican-Torres

Kethlene is an up and coming fashion stylist and personal shopper with an eye for style, trends, and the coordination of ensembles. Her warm, vibrant, and inviting personality allows people to feel uninhibited in their freedom of expression, making the styling process smooth and organic. Kethlene’s Mantra is “When you look good you feel good.” She is the editor-in-chief of her own blog Endlessfashion1.blogspot.com. IG: @endlessfashion1

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