Game of Thrones Wine Pairing

If all men must die, let us have our fill of wine first. On April 24th, HBO’s Game of Thrones comes soaring back for a 6th season. If you are a dedicated fan and like to match the characters sip-for-sip, why not take it one step further and match your favorite GOT character with a perfect pairing? Below are a few suggestions – goblet optional.

Jaime Lannister

CH Recougne Bordeaux Blanc 2012_0
Château Recougne Bordeaux Blanc

Jaime is known for his charm and ability to slay with both sword and word. But, like this Bordeaux Blanc, it would be a mistake to not see beyond Jaime’s easy allure to the complexity just under the surface.

Arya Stark

Helfrich Riesling
Helfrich Alsace Riesling

Beyond her razor-sharp wit and her nimble disposition, Arya stands apart for her fierce independence. Alsace Riesling is also a trailblazer, racy with a very dry finish and citrus notes. Don’t call either of them “sweet!”

Daenerys Targaryen

Castel Ringberg 116 Sauvignon NV
Elena Walch Sauvignon Blanc Castel Ringberg

Brave, bold and beautiful. The Mother of Dragons manages both strength and grace with aplomb. This Sauvignon Blanc is elegant, fresh, and speaks its mind – a perfect fit for this queen.

Brienne of Tarth

Qunita dos Murcas 2011
Esporão Quinta Dos Murças Reserva Douro

Brienne is marked by her tenacity and might, but take note of her understated elegance. Quinta dos Murças Reserva’s first impression is one of power, but it soon shows a softer side with juicy notes of blackberry.

Gregor Clegane/The Mountain

Falesco Montiano Lazio IGP

The Mountain is notorious for his tireless strength. Falesco Montiano’s muscle and persistent palate of plum and chocolate is similarly impressive, with a finish that won’t quit.

Jon Snow

Xavier Gigondas
Xavier Gigondas
This dark warrior is fierce, yet sensitive—brave, loyal and brooding. Xavier Gigondas from the southern Rhône is equally dynamic with equal parts earth, wood, and black fruit notes with a silky undertone.
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