Give a Girl What She Wants: Jord Wood Watch

Miss Naja tries all the new, cool stuff for you! The latest and greatest product that I’ve been entrusted to share with you all is the Jord Wood Watch. The watches are dope! Since I’m a brown girl, I chose a wood that was close to my complexion. I like wearing the watch because it’s a conversation piece. The first thing people say is, “Is that Wood?” The rich brown color against my sexy brown skin is stunning. If you are going to buy a Jord, I suggest investing in one that matches your skin color….or if you prefer a contrast, there are tons to chose from. They’re so much fun and unique!

This originally appeared on Naja’s blog, Miss Naja.

Naja Matthews

Naja is founder of, a blog dedicated to redefining the domestic woman. She covers women's lifestyle issues: fashion, wellness, cooking, marriage, and relationships.

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