Holiday Essentials Shopping Guide: Day 9 – The Hefner Gift Pack

With Black Friday a little over a week away and Christmas right around the corner, there are plenty of opportunities for the gentleman to add to his collection. We’ve taken the liberty of curating the best items to add to your shopping list. We’ will be releasing at least one new list everyday until Black Friday, so stay tuned all week!

Today, we bring you The Hefner Gift Pack. During the holidays, the gentleman is looking to kick back,  relax and enjoy time with loved ones. This does not mean he doesn’t want to do it stylishly and luxuriously. Whether its a dinner at home or at the in-laws, the gentleman presents himself fashionably and sophisticated. Oh, and for the smoking man, please don’t forget the cigar.


1. Robe: Reigning Champ Hooded Striped Robe
Available at: Steven Alan

2. Bracelet: The Cool People Dee Berkley for Bentley Bracelet
Available at: Zappos Couture

3. Slipper: Ralph Lauren Yarmond Faux-Shearling Slipper
Available at: Ralph Lauren

4. Blazer:  Berry Velvet Skinny Blazer
Available at: Topman

5. Ring: Monsieur The Maze Ring 9
Available at: Karmaloop

6. Loafers: Brooks Brothers Velvet Crown Slippers
Available at: Urban Outfitters

7. Cigar Cutter: Perry Ellis, Cigar Case
Available at: Macy’s

8. Cologne: Viktor & Rolf ‘Spicebomb’ Set
Available at: Nordstrom

Marc J. Kelly, MBA

Marc is the Founder of Mr. Refined. Marc has an appreciation for high street style aesthetics and high end luxury. His vision is to expose men to the fine art of combining both in a way that isn't cliché as a revival of the Harlem Renaissance Man.

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