Men’s Joggers: Featuring Critique Vizion

Joggers have become all the rave within the past few months. They are trendy, comfortable and are the epitome of casual coolness. The functionality of joggers is endless; they have an athletic appeal, but if styled correctly they can be worn out on the town.

These slim fit and tapered hem pants appeal to both genders. The women’s version of the jogger pant is pretty similar wherever you shop. The silhouettes  are very basic in neutral colors with clean lines. There are a few boutiques that incorporate fashionable style elements such as leather detailing. They can easily be paired with heels for a sexy look or sneakers/flats for a traditionally casual fit. While there aren’t many different styles of joggers for women, the same cannot be said for men.

Whether you shop high-end or low-end, there’s a huge selection of joggers in the men’s department. The choices are comprised of both basic and statement making pieces. The fashion jogger has been the go to item for a lot of guys within the past few months. These are the styles with the intricate detailing, color-blocked panels, leather trims, etc. There is something about pairing joggers with a bold sneaker or leather jacket that creates a killer outfit.

With all of the many retailers selling this hot item, how does anyone create newness within an already saturated market? Easy! Feature details that haven’t been done; alter the silhouette and offer hard to turn down prices. There is one online retailer that gets this, and that is Critique Vizion Boutique. Critique Vizion specializes in trendy and innovative men’s apparel. Their prices range from $20-$150 depending on the garment. They have mastered the fashion jogger, giving the customer rare style choices. The features on their joggers consist of drop crotch rises, asymmetrical pockets, and intricate knee detailing. These aren’t your parents joggers. These are for the fashion forward and trend setting male.



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Aja Moore

Aja Moore is the owner of Cool Kids Closet, a trendy children’s wear online boutique. She also specializes in fashion consulting and apparel buying. IG: @coolkidscloset and @aja_noelle

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