Rose Noir Presents: “King of Kings”

Rose Noire has been known for their creative and unconventional style of photography. Most recently, Rose Noire has debuted their “King of Kings” concept and Mr.Refined™ has been granted access to sit down and discuss everything King of Kings.


Mr.Refined: What was the inspiration for the King of Kings?
Rose Noire: The King of Kings was created to show people the rise of us in the fashion world. We started from nothing. I just feel like the game is changing right now and I wanted to show the people that we are the kings of fashion, men’s fashion. So we we’re like, “You know what? Let’s start from peasants and go all the way to kings.” It’s the lifestyle, the way it starts from the bottom and goes all the way to the 3 (1)


MR: Are there any other messages behind the King of Kings?
RN: There are messages behind it, but it’s more about the royalty of black men. I wanted to show people the thought process of two black men, young entrepreneurs that came from the bottom and is on their way to the top; top of the kingdom. That’s how it really starts for any entrepreneur, it starts from being at the bottom then if done right, comes the success. So we wanted to show how we started from doing urban fashion to trying to do more high end fashion, taking more 6


MR: How long did it take for this process to be completed, from start to finish?
RN: It took us two months to do the King of Kings, BUT, when we shoot we shoot fast. It took two months because we had to come up with the idea and locations. We can always do a shoot on the fly, but we wanted to really map this out. We wanted every location and every scene to be different. So when we started from peasants, we were in the fields, working hard for no pay. When we moved on to the business portion, we are businessmen, so we were by the sea. Symbolizing how far we want to go in life without any limits. When we did the kings scene, we had a bunch of graffiti around, it’s our celebration. This is where we get crowned and become kings. This is when all the hard work pays off.


MR: If you had the opportunity to go back and change anything about the King of Kings, what would you change, if anything at all?
RN: I really wouldn’t change anything, except to speed up the process a little bit more. The new year just started so we wanted to show people this is the new us. We’ve been doing urban shoots our whole time, so we wanted to show that we grew. We wanted to show people that right now, this is our 14


MR: Who did you want to touch with this shoot, what kind of people did you want to see this and have them feel a connection?
RN: We wanted to touch artistic people. When I say artistic people I mean the kid who always wanted to paint a picture but he never had the confidence to do it, or was scared to show his work. The reason I say those people because I was not into fashion; at a point it was not a world that accepted the kind of guys like the two of us. So I want those people to not be afraid to take risks. It’s not only for just black men, but for everyone who dares to be different. This shoot was so different, its two guys in suits surrounded by graffiti, its’ just so different. Just dare to be different.


Photos by: Eddie Soto

Romain Barnett

Romain Barnett is the Associate Creative Director for Mr. Refined™. An ambitious, young, up and coming fashion consultant from New York City. Romain's strong point is styling men and women of all ages with creative and personal insights. He is also an experienced event coordinator with over 6 years of experience. IG: @MrCeoGfc

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