Luxury Nail Polish: Worth it or Nah?

Christian Louboutin announced the release of an assortment of nail polish, the first products in his newly minted beauty line. While some assumed that red lipstick would be his first product, nail lacquer is actually perfectly aligned with Louboutin house lore. Early in his career, the designer famously grabbed some nail polish from an assistant and painted the sole of a shoe he was working on to make it more vibrant. And thus, his signature was born.

At the nail polish launch, a rep from Louboutin told attendees that the designer was “giving back to beauty what he had taken away from it.” The full nail polish range includes 30 colors in three different categories: Pops, Nudes and Noirs. You can snag the line’s signature shade, Rouge Louboutin for $50, making it the most expensive nail polish in the luxury market right now.

Is it worth the $50 per bottle? That all depends on how much worth you put on nail polish and luxury name brands. The bottle is pretty striking. The Rouge Louboutin cap measures in at an impressive eight inches. The other caps are slightly shorter. None of them are appropriate for stashing in a carry-on bag at the airport, unless you want to be detained in security explaining that your nail polish isn’t a weapon.

The color is a perfect, dead-on match for the orangey-red Louboutin soles. You can definitely get away with one coat. If you’re a “classic red” type of lady, you could really stretch that $50 bottle into a lot of wears. Two coats looks shinier and more opaque. The manicure held up beautifully then started chipping on day five-ish. I loved the highly pigmented color of hue. The colors are rich and bold. This is definitely a cool splurge for a bridal or holiday gift item. My excitement about using Louboutin polish died down after about an hour though. I didn’t feel like Beyonce or Michelle Obama. This manicure lasted about the same about of time as my favorite brand, Essie.


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