Miami: The Young Professional’s Playground

“Do you want to go to Miami for spring break?” I was sure spring break had become one of those childhood memories that would never be recaptured in “adult life,” until my friend randomly brought up the idea. To my surprise, spring break is alive and well among the 20- and 30-something crowd and Miami is their playground. Miami’s laid-back atmosphere and amazing weather year-round makes it the perfect place to soak up the sun anytime. It is also a culturally rich city with a colorful history that is just waiting to be explored. Here is a guide to the “must-do’s” of Miami.



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Miami is home of the infamous Lummus Park, which is a 74-acre public park that stretches along Ocean Drive. This park borders the most popular beach in Miami – South Beach. Join the lively crowd anywhere between 5th and 15th street along Ocean Drive. If you are not as much of a socialite and want some quiet time, travel further north to mid-beach. Along these beaches there is plenty of room to stretch out. Rent a cabana and stay all day reading your favorite book or sign-up for a water sport such as jet-skiing or paddle boarding.



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There is more to Miami than palm trees and fabulous beaches. It is a vibrant city filled with cultural experiences. Venture over to Little Havana, nicknamed in the 1960s because of its growing Cuban population, for one of the many festivals or to try some Latin cuisine. Brickell is another great neighborhood to visit. It is located within the financial district and not too far from the American Airline Arena, home of the Miami Heat. You do not want to skip out on Wynwood, which is an art-rich neighborhood with amazing graffiti art around each corner.


As you walk up and down Collins Avenue, dozens of hotels grace the perimeter. There is something that appeals to every taste.  If you are looking for a resort style experience, there is no other place like the Fontainebleau. This resort is famous for its architectural design and made the list of “America’s Favorite Architecture.” The Fontainebleau is situated on the beachfront and hosts one of the most famous nightclubs in all of Miami – LIV. Its architect, Morris Lapidus, said, “If you create a stage and it is grand, everyone who enters will play their part.” The Fontainebleau lives up to this quote as it is considerable the most luxurious resort in Miami.



Photo: Brilliant Trips

However, Fontainebelau is not the only place that has famous architecture. The Art Deco district is full of color and eclectic boutique hotels. These nautical pastel-colored façades line Collins and Ocean Drive, mostly dating back to the 1920s and 1930s. These hotel are small, but are some of the gems of Miami.




Photo: Eloquence Residence

It is absolutely necessary to taste the cuisine of Miami. There is a plethora of cafes and eateries that will awaken your palette. Travel down to Espanola Way, a pedestrian walk hidden in bustling South Beach, and take a seat at the Mojitos Lounge. These drinks are made with fresh ingredients, ginger root and mint leaves trim the glasses.  If you are looking for a brunch spot visit the Front Porch Café on Ocean Drive. The outdoor dining resembles the wide porches of Southern mansions while the menu offers everything from French toast to fish tacos.

Miami is full of life and energy. For a carefree vacation full of exploration travel to Miami.

Ellandrea McKissack

Budding Journalist and Full-time visionary. Ellandrea is a Chicago native and proud University of Iowa Hawkeye. She has written for publications in print and on-line covering many topics from food, to fashion, to fitness, to love and beyond. She prides herself on pursuing all of what life has to offer.

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