Mr.Refined’s Top Men’s Velvet Slippers

Today, velvet slippers are no longer a new fad. They are currently a vital necessity when it comes to a gentlemen’s wardrobe. Easy to put on, can be worn with or without socks, what’s not to love about the. Here are a few of our favorite velvet slipper brands.

Ralph Lauren

RL does not have a very wide selection of Velvet slippers, which is actually what we love about them. Their slippers are usually plastered with their “RL” monogram while others feature their polo horse logo. If you want to add a splash to your black tie event, we suggest to go with Ralph Lauren velvet slippers

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Del Toro

One of the more popular brands known for their footwear. If there was a Mt. Rushmore of velvet slippers Del Toro shoes would be on it. They’re fairly versitle when it comes to the range of slippers they provide. The option to customize your own velvet slipper is  a major plus. If you’re going out for a night on the town with your lady, we suggest you go with a pair of Del Toro velvet slippers


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London based, Shipton offers a wide varity of velvet slippers. Their most impressive feature Is that along with the velvet slippers Shipton offers, suede and cloth as well. With many unique embroideries, it is very easy to find a shoe to fit almost any occasion. If you’re looking to stand out in a crowd, we suggect you go with a Shipton velvet loafer.


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Stubbs & Wootton

The most intriguing out of the bunch, Stubbs &Wooten offers a very classy but daring collection of velvet slippers. With sartorial designs ranging from collegially inspired motifs to humorous motifs similar to the one below, you are sure to find a pair that helps you make the statement you want.


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Romain Barnett

Romain Barnett is the Associate Creative Director for Mr. Refined™. An ambitious, young, up and coming fashion consultant from New York City. Romain's strong point is styling men and women of all ages with creative and personal insights. He is also an experienced event coordinator with over 6 years of experience. IG: @MrCeoGfc

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