Nat Sherman ‘Timeless’ Cigar Tasting Event

Last week, Mr. Refined™ was a guest at Nat Sherman’s Cigar Tasting Event. The Nat Sherman Townhouse opened its doors to a select crowd and gave us a walk-through to understanding how their cigars are made, tobacco leaves are chosen and blended to create the flavor profiles.

Nat ShermanMichael Herklots was his usual lively self. He had the people entranced with his presentation. The crowd hanging on every word. He is truly a master of ceremonies with a command of cigars, the flavors and the crowd.

Quite the educational experience, of the many types of tastings I’ve attended from wine to scotch/whiskey to bacon, this one was by far the most engaging. As is typical tasting fashion, we went through a flight of cigars, each with their own characteristics leading to the piece de resistance, the Timeless cigar produced by Nat Sherman.

IMG_3846One thing that was most interesting about the flight is we were in fact not smoking full fledged cigars. Each vessel in the shape of a cigar was actually a component of the tobacco blend contained in the Timeless. Each mock cigar had different characteristics that are carefully considered in the crafting of a cigar.

For instance, for Mock Cigar #1 the focus was impact and behavior character. The tobacco was from the Dominican Republic with a mouth drying, thin smoke. The body was relatively mellow with a nutty and toasty flavor. The leaves were taken from seco leaf position, which is found in the middle of the tobacco plant and is characterized by a milder flavor. Other leaf positions are corona & ligero at the top of the plant, viso in the middle and volado at the bottom of the plant. The higher leaves on the plant are smaller and thicker resulting in bolder, stronger flavors and textures. The middle leaves are milder and tend to be more mellow. The bottom leaves are primarily for burning. Without them, you would have a tough time keeping your cigar lit.

Mock Cigar #2 on the other hand contained viso leaves and had a mild impact. The experience could be described as juicy as in producing more saliva. The previous mock cigar has a very drying smoke that made you very thirsty. This mock cigar was more flavorful.

IMG_3900Mock Cigar #3 contained tobacco leaves from Dominican Republic and were ligero. The texture was heavier and more robust. More aromatic and much smoother. It was harder to light and had more body. Slightly less saliva.

Mock Cigar #4 had leaves from Nicaragua that were also ligero. There were cocoa and coffee flavor notes in this mock cigar. It was very similar to # 2, although #2 was lighter and milder in its body. #4 had a more complex flavor profile.


Our 5th Cigar was the Nat Sherman Timeless and contained all of the above. A total of 5 tobaccos from 3 different countries, this cigar has more passport stamps than you. Definitely something to experience.

See the breakdown below.
Wrap Leaf Honduras
The Binder Dominican Republic #2
The Filler Nicaragua and Dominican Republic (#1, 2, 3 & 4)

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Marc J. Kelly, MBA

Marc is the Founder of Mr. Refined. Marc has an appreciation for high street style aesthetics and high end luxury. His vision is to expose men to the fine art of combining both in a way that isn't cliché as a revival of the Harlem Renaissance Man.

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