A Night On The Town: What She’s Wearing and Where She Wants To Go

Creativity is always a plus when your dating, your lady will take notice and appreciate the effort. This week we’re going with the all-time classic date; dinner and a movie, but we’re getting creative. Dinner and a movie can be the perfect choice for a night out, especially if both parties enjoy watching movies together. This presents a chance to dress comfortably, sit and enjoy good company, and be entertained at the same time. For this date, Mrs. Refined will be going for more of a casual-chic look. Here’s an example of how she’ll undoubtedly be dressed.

date night


Forget about the stigma of dinner and a movie being cliché. It’s not. It’s only cliché if you allow it to be.

Forget about the stigma of dinner and a movie being cliché. It’s not. It’s only cliché if you allow it to be. For this date, your lady wants to go to a venue where she can have dinner and a movie at the same time. Is that even possible? Of course it is! Head over to an AMC Dine-in Theatre. With all of the newly releases movies showing, you’ll have more than enough options for your viewing pleasure. She’ll enjoy the very comfortable reclining seats, full cocktail bar, great menu choices (appetizers, dinner and dessert) and did I say full cocktail bar? Oh, and service is just a button push away. Our recommendation for a movie this week would have to be The Best Man Holiday. No spoiler alerts here, let’s just say that this movie is exactly what a sequel should be. Emotional and hilarious at the same time, this was truly an incredibly executed movie.

Gentlemen, show her how unconventional you are by taking something as cliché as dinner and a movie and turning it into a truly memorable experience. Enjoy Ladies and Gents!!

Alissa Holder

Alissa Holder is the Style Coordinator for Mr. Refined™. A New York City native, Alissa is a Men's, Women's and Children's wardrobe stylist and personal shopper. A true fashion fanatic, She brings her love of fashion and personal styling to Mr. Refined™. IG: @Alissa360Style Email: 360styleme@gmail.com

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