Office Holiday Party Style Guide: Do’s and Don’ts

‘Tis the season to bring out the festive attire, warm apple cider and mistletoe! Christmas is right around the corner. With the holidays soon approaching, the invites for office holiday parties should have already begun rolling in. Although dress codes are normally made quite clear on event invites, there’s always the headache of  figuring out what’s appropriate. Whether the office holiday party is held during work hours or after everyone has clocked out; always remember to keep a level of professionalism in your ensemble.

Style Guide

Need the perfect outfit for your Holiday office party? Use the following looks as a guide no matter the theme.


1. Black Tie

Keep the look sharp and smooth! Pair a crisp tuxedo collared shirt with clean lined suit pants. Add a textured Jacquard blazer to give the look a unique twist to your average suit. There may be a chance that the event’s mood is stuffy, but your outfit doesn’t have to be. Finish it off with a colored suede loafer that’s on trend right now.

Black Tie


2. Casual Lounge

Although a suit and tie is not required for this type of gathering, it’s important to maintain a sense of refinement. It’s okay to experiment with trends but keep the color palette simple. A denim shirt worn under an open chunky knit cardigan, paired with colored corduroys is safe yet expressive. Top the look off with leather wingtip boots and a patterned bow tie to keep it holiday appropriate.

Holiday Lounge


3. Office Gathering

Keep this look versatile and functional as you will be going from the desk to the conference room. A patterned button up worn under a slim fit waistcoat (vest), paired with soft colored chinos maintain office professionalism. Accessorize the outfit with two-toned colored oxfords and a solid/patterned tie.


Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do remember that although the office party may seem casual, it is still a business event.
  • Don’t forget to conduct yourself in a professional manner.
  • Do dress appropriately for the type of event. Keep it fun yet tasteful. Use the guidelines provided for inspiration.
  • Don’t be the guy with the overly festive attire. They are laughing at you, not with you.
  • Do enjoy yourself, as the party is meant to be social.
  • Don’t get drunk. Your boss and your boss’s boss is there. You worked too hard for that promotion to throw it away over one too many drinks.
  • Do take the time to network with people that have the ability to advance your career; you never know what opportunity can arise from being social.
  • Don’t just drink and run. People will notice. If they don’t, then you should see the previous.
  • Do have fun and look good! Leave your co-workers with the impression that you are INDEED that stylish professional you appear to be in the office.
Aja Moore

Aja Moore is the owner of Cool Kids Closet, a trendy children’s wear online boutique. She also specializes in fashion consulting and apparel buying. IG: @coolkidscloset and @aja_noelle

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