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On Thursday, December 4th, new luxury men’s footwear and accessories brand, Paul Drish, held a media launch party for their debut Autumn/Winter 2014 collection at their new showroom in Tribeca. The Mr. Refined team was in attendance and we had the chance to view the collection and even try on a pair! This was exciting because when many brands launch, you typically only get a chance to see the pieces on models or as part of a curated display.
Paul Drish

The brand officially launched November 10th. It held this event to celebrate the debut of their first men’s footwear and accessories collection, complete with 26 shoe styles and 7 bag styles. We were treated to a great shopping and viewing experience with complimentary cocktails courtesy of Clyde May’s Alabama Whiskey and Milano Green Vodka. Additionally, shoe shines from John Allan’s Premier Men’s Grooming Club were provided.

In speaking with Paul Drish co-founder, Arveena Ahluwalia, we discussed the collection and the inspiration behind it.

Paul Drish
I wanted to not only create the most comfortable shoe, but also design them on par with other luxury fashion brands. Growing up in India, I always admired the nation’s centuries of craft leather working. With the strong integrity in craftsmanship coupled with lower production costs due to a vertically integrated factory, we eliminate the third party and are able to produce high-end leather shoes and bags at competitive prices.
Featuring the brand’s signature purple lining, from our testing, the shoes are particularly comfortable with a high quality fit and finish on their butter soft leather.
Paul Drish
The Paul Drish showroom, located at 50 Murray Street, is now open to the public for private appointments.  Consumers will enjoy a fully pampered shopping experience from start to finish, whether they stop by the Tribeca loft to sip scotch and try on the shoes, or order via the e-commerce platform (which is available nationwide, with free shipping and free returns).  All Paul Drish shoes feature the brand’s signature purple lining, are delivered in a durable drawer-style jute box, and are tucked inside an embroidered purple cotton dust bag.  Each pair comes with a leather shoe horn and an extra padded leather insole for additional comfort.
 Paul Drish

With so many styles, Paul Drish has more than enough options for any gentleman. With shoes starting at $250, you usually have to pay $500-$600 to get styles of this quality from other brands. Definitely a steal! Get yours today here!


Paul Drish

Marc J. Kelly, MBA

Marc is the Founder of Mr. Refined. Marc has an appreciation for high street style aesthetics and high end luxury. His vision is to expose men to the fine art of combining both in a way that isn't cliché as a revival of the Harlem Renaissance Man.

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