RED Winter 2014

Red is the color of  Love. It is associated with energy, war, strength, power, determination, passion and desire.










In the amazing world of fashion, trends are born every day, every hour, every minute. Although not all trends gain traction, trends can be a great thing for the fashion culture. The reason is that trends initially tap into the individuality of fashion and the desire to be different. Trendsetters take their creativity and confidence to make their trendy idea a reality. At Mr. Refined, a new trend has been born called “RED WINTER.”


Red Winter is the combination of wearing a monotone color throughout your outfit with the exception of your footwear, which would be red and only red. The red footwear is the cornerstone of this trend. All red or predominately red footwear is what makes Red Winter what it is. Red Winter is best worn with all black or all white, but can be worn many different ways. There are no limits to each person’s creativity with this trend. Red, being a power color, demands attention and shows a ton of confidence. This style is for all types of individuals. From the shy and conservative to the fashion forward and daring. The slim, the full figured, the petite, the tall and the short.


Why did Mr. Refined chose winter to debut this new trend? Layering. Winter allows us to be able to showcase our style to the fullest, opposed to summer where you are a tad bit more limited with your garments. With layering you can add, mix, match and blend many different items to create an ensemble that represents your personal RED WINTER style.



Join Mr. Refined and be part of RED WINTER. Showcase your best version on all social networks, make sure to use the hastags: #MrRefined & #REDWinter2014.



Photo Credit: Eddie Soto/Rose Noire


Romain Barnett

Romain Barnett is the Associate Creative Director for Mr. Refined™. An ambitious, young, up and coming fashion consultant from New York City. Romain's strong point is styling men and women of all ages with creative and personal insights. He is also an experienced event coordinator with over 6 years of experience. IG: @MrCeoGfc

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