Refined Street Style – The Origin, The Lifestyle, The Influence



In the fashion industry, street style is referred to as “trickle up effect” fashion. Meaning, a style of dress created within urban sub-cultures which then trickles up to influence what designers are creating and what magazines are featuring. No matter what region of the world you may reside, street style will almost always be derived from the inner city. It is most common to detect this innovative and trendy style of dress within urban areas of large cities.



Typical street style in New York City is young, urban, edgy and rugged. Whereas, refined street style is mature, tailored and contemporary. The fine line separating the two is not only the type of lifestyle one lives, but a mindset.

Refined street style blends urban trends with tailored and sometimes pricey garments and accessories.

It’s all about the marriage between bold and conservative pieces and how well they are paired together to give off an effortless look. This dapper man can be found strolling through the back streets of SoHo, dining in TriBeca, or simply soaking in some art history at the Brooklyn museum. He is not only well cultured, but street smart. This meeting of the worlds is expressed through his diverse style choices. IMG_6319The only rule to perfecting street style is that there are none! There is a very unique sensibility to men who have mastered the art of refined street style.

Designer Alexander McQueen described the essence of refined street style:

“It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.”

Influence on High-End Fashion

Refined street style has been infused into the collections of almost every ready-to-wear menswear designer. How can it not? We now live in an era where local fashion bloggers, music festival attendees, and your average man that has over 100k followers on Instagram have a phenomenal impact and influence on what’s hot or not.

IMG_6437Designers, editors, and entertainers are flocking to these trendy urban areas, restaurants and events to get a first hand glimpse into what is currently trending. During New York Fashion Week, many fashion bloggers can be found taking photographs of all of the savvy street-styled show attendees and after-party goers. These images are posted right next to the actual runway collection itself on popular style sites such as: Style, GQ, or The Sartorialist in sections labeled “Street Style.” The market and demand for street fashion has grown tremendously. It has developed itself into a fixture within the menswear market and is here to stay.


7 Basic RulesIMG_6291

Step 1: Choose a tee or button down in a bold color or pattern.
Step 2: If wearing denim, the best choices are true blue selvedge or raw denim.
Step 3: If wearing twill bottoms, opt for a more slim fit in a neutral or bold color.
Step 4: Choose a statement sneaker for a sporty street styled look.
Step 5: For a more refined look, an oxford, loafer and even a classic sneaker will tie the look together.
Step 6: Accessorize the look with a bow tie or a pair of suspenders (yes, suspenders are trendy).
Step 7: Always remember refined street style is mixing urban with conservative pieces. Details and diversity are important!


Photos by: JNHFotos



Aja Moore

Aja Moore is the owner of Cool Kids Closet, a trendy children’s wear online boutique. She also specializes in fashion consulting and apparel buying. IG: @coolkidscloset and @aja_noelle

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