Refined Street Style: The Rules – High Top Sneakers

Slim Fit Pants x High Top Sneakers.

IMG_5113  High top sneakers are awesome. They demand attention, compliment a lot of different styles and also make you appear cool in the eyes of many. Why should I wear slim fit pants with high top sneakers? The answer is, presentation.

High top sneakers are meant to be displayed, they are usually the highlight of your outfit. You can wear them with the pants over the tongue or behind it, the possibilities are endless. Slim fit pants are important mainly because of the cut at the bottom of the pants. Slim fit pants generally have a small circumference at the bottom which allows the sneaker to be showcased instead of being over shadowed.

IMG_5128When wearing high top sneakers there is one major rule. NEVER wear boot cut jeans. Boot cut jeans with high top sneakers is what kryptonite is to Superman, not a pretty sight. The reason being is that the cut and diameter of the bottom of the jeans are wider than normal and in result, covers most of the sneaker instead of showcasing it.

Whatever you wear, however you wear it. Always remember to wear it with confidence.

Photos by: JNHFotos
Romain Barnett

Romain Barnett is the Associate Creative Director for Mr. Refined™. An ambitious, young, up and coming fashion consultant from New York City. Romain's strong point is styling men and women of all ages with creative and personal insights. He is also an experienced event coordinator with over 6 years of experience. IG: @MrCeoGfc

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