Say It Loud: Fashion That Makes It’s Own Statement

“NOT GIVING A CHIC” – This shirt from PROVISION + NYC says it all.

Actions and words have the power to provoke thought, discourse, and change.  Self expression and words matter. Never before have we had  so many outlets for self expression that make a statement about who we are and want to be.  Slogan fashion allows you to embrace your inner Salt-n-Pepa to “express yourself, gotta be you and only you!” Slogan fashion is on trend and expressive clothes that help you make your personal and political statements with more sophisticated typography. Here are a few of our favorite brands that will boldly declare who you are without you having to say a word.




Tees and other products with bold, declarative statements.



A small, independent brand with slogans for empowered women.



River Island

The UK based casual fashion brand has collaborated with celebrities like Rihanna for fun, youthful clothing.



This casual brand exudes a cool, laid-back, California girl style.

WILDFOX Take Me Somewhere Sunny Hippie Crewneck Clean Black T-shirt with slogan

Stephanie J. Williams

Stephanie J. Williams is native Southern Californian, she relocated to Philadelphia to earn her B.S. in Economics with a concentration in Marketing from the University of Pennsylvania. While there she became founding Editor-in-Chief of The WALK Magazine, the school's first student ran fashion publication. In 2007 Stephanie co-founded and wrote for, a New York lifestyle blog. Still based in New York, Stephanie has been a marketing executive in some of America's top, heritage fashion brands and regularly consults startups and small businesses in editorial content, brand development and marketing strategy.

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