Summer Beers You Need to Drink

Summer has finally arrived. Well, technically it starts June 21, but I started drinking summer beers in April so that’s when mine started. I’ve procured a selective list from the plethora of summer beers that are growing every year. There’s a style for every palate, and an ABV to please all. Bring any one of these on your next trip to the beach,  rooftop party, or one of those Friday nights that you lie to your friends about and said it was actually very relaxing.


Founders Rübæus Raspberry Ale, 5.7%

Trying fruity beers is like asking me to lick battery acid. I might have done it once when I was younger because I thought it was chocolate, but I knew never to do it again. So when I was recommended to try this by a person who hasn’t failed me in the beer recommendations, I decided to jump into the fruit beer abyss once again. I was proven wrong. As you would imagine, it pours a deep ruby color with a thin head that dissolved very quickly. The aroma of raspberries is pleasant as well as the taste. It’s not subtle, yet not overwhelming. The sweetness from the fruit is cut by a tart, dry finish. This is definitely a “one and done” type of deal for me because the taste is very bold. If you’re reading this and somehow don’t like beer, then this is the drink for all of you people who don’t want that “beer taste.” I can’t believe I just wrote that. Who are you?


Brooklyn Summer Ale, 5% ABV

How can you not have this every summer? It might be perceived as a predictable summer beer, but it’s a necessity. The tall boy is the way to go, the robins egg blue and bright yellow can standing out in a crowd of aluminum Bud Light canisters. I must admit that I like this better in a pint glass, but who am I to say. I just write about this stuff. For the people out there who do like can-to-glass beer, you’ll get much more of that wheaty and orange tinged aroma permeating from the glass than in the can, naturally. The clear golden color gives way for a thick, off white head. The taste is thoroughly bready and a good balance between sweet and bitter, definitely very drinkable to a lot of palates. There’s nothing particularly outstanding about this beer, but it’s really there to impress your macro brew drinking friends.

Summer Love

Victory Brewing Summer Love Ale, 5.2% ABV

Victory Brewing is hopping on the canned-wagon. That’s can and bandwagon put together, get it? This has been around for a few years now and this is my first year trying it. It pours a cloudy pale blonde with a sustaining soapy head. Smells of hay and flowers permeate. It has that dank bitter taste, and yes, we are still talking about beer. There is a nice amount of citrus flavor, like the zest of a lemon, but not the overt artificial lemon taste of a shandy, thank God. It’s kind of a basic summer beer that is enjoyable to drink and would just be good in your repertoire


Evil Twin NOMADer Weisse, 4% ABV

I am having a torrid love affair with Berliner Weissebier’s and declaring it the style of the summer. That’s right–I’m saying it here first so you have a chance to go out and buy a six pack before it’s going, going, gone. This tart beer thing is right up my alley, and the NOMADer Weisse is making rounds. Straying away from the typical summer beer taste, this is still definitely one to be enjoyed on a hot summer day. It pours a hazy straw color with no head surely due to the amount of carbonation. The tart and acidic smell slaps you in the nostrils, a highlight for me. Same goes for the taste. It’s very sharp and sour, but balanced out by the yeast to make for a smooth and easy finish.

Anderson Valley

Anderson Valley Summer Solstice, 5% ABV

The can sold me. There’s nothing flashy about it, just your regular bear with antlers drinking from a lake. I couldn’t say no to this, mainly because it was already on the counter being rung up. I figured I couldn’t really go wrong with Anderson Valley. One of my favorite beers is their Gose ale, which is available all year. But their Summer Solstice is only here for those short sweltering months, so you better hop to it! It pours an unexpected hazy amber color with a foamy tan head, definitely looking like a cream ale. Going along with that sentiment, the taste is sweet and malty. It goes down smooth thanks to the strong honey notes accompanied by low bitterness. The subtle spiciness in the aftertaste reminds me of the pleasant sting of a ginger beer. This beer could go well into the fall, that is if you have the self control to hold on to it until then.

Tracy Troisi

Tracy Troisi is a writer from Boston who has lived in New York and random parts of Massachusetts. She is a craft beer enthusiast and music aficionado, subjects in which you can find her waxing poetic about on her blog, The Rolling Revue. Twitter: Instagram:

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