Summer Ready Fitness

It is that time of the year for men to show off those ripped abs and loaded guns. Ladies, have your beach body ready with a toned waist, smooth curves, and sexy legs. Even though most of us work hard all year to show off in the summer time, it is not good enough to only flex while the sun is out. A real fitness enthusiast serious about wellness will take things to the next level and continue to maintain their good looks and conditioning. Below are five workouts that everyone should be doing in the summer time to stay fit, look good, and be healthy.

  • Burpees– I know everyone hates them.  Either way, it’s a great full body exercise that combines strength training and aerobic conditioning in one.
  • Pull-ups/Chin-ups– A staple body weight exercise for anyone looking to build their upper back and arms. Nothing looks better then knocking out a number of reps on the beach in front of a group witnesses with no sweat. Remember that the overhand grip is for pull-ups and underhand is for chin-ups.
  • Push-ups– The basics of all exercises. Push-ups build all areas of the chest, upper shoulders, triceps part of your arms. It also engages your core as well.
  • Sprints– Most people want to be ripped, strong and fast. Sprints not only tax the central nervous system, but they build muscle while burning fat all at the same time. Sprints knock out two birds with one stone and you don’t even have to hit the treadmill to do it. All you need is some open space and a desire to get faster. Stretch before you start and finish every set strong as if it was your last.
  • Squats– You can’t have a list of top workouts without the king of all exercises. I said king because it will help you grow both bigger and stronger as a whole. Most of the testosterone is locked away in your legs and by squatting you are able to release all of that throughout the rest of your body. It doesn’t matter if you’re using weight or regular body weight exercises because most people cannot do 20 consecutive squats in a set without stopping. Guys with chicken legs are not cool. If your legs aren’t proportionate to your physique, not only will you look weird, but you will also have some serious balance issues in the near future. Bottom Line: START SQUATTING… ALOT

My recommendation is master the basics to the point where the advanced methods will just be another stepping stone to what you are trying to achieve. These exercises are primarily body weight because you can do them anywhere and any time. You can enjoy a good work out, spend time showing off in front of your friends, or finally talk to that girl you were afraid to approach all winter because it was bulking season and you looked like a bear in hibernation.

Michael Taylor

Michael is a fitness enthusiast and personal trainer. He is also a community manager for the Harlem Business Alliance.

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