The Mr. Refined™ 5 Luxury Essentials

When you think of the word luxury the first word that comes to the mind of the masses is “Cash”. In actuality, the first thing that should come to their mind is quality. We’ve all heard the expression quality over quantity. The reason that phrase has so much substance is that quantity is never a valid substitute for quality. Living a life of luxury, having luxurious items are a symbol of success and status. It is also can be a symbol of good taste, if done correctly.


Let’s take a glimpse at 5 luxury items for men:



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Rolex Watch: The Rolex watch is the  founding father of luxury watches. Typically worn by CEO’s and wall street gurus, the Rolex watch is a powerful piece of jewelry. Forbes placed Rolex at number 57 on their world’s most powerful global brands list in 2012.




Burberry Trench

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Burberry Trench Coat: Hands down one of the best trench coats ever made. The Burberry trench coat is in a class of its own with their impeccable design and attention grabbing fit. The price tag is eye opening but the quality is worth every penny.





Tom Ford Briefcase

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Tom Ford Briefcase: Pebbled leather with a smooth trim and the signature Tom Form hardware. A Tom Ford briefcase is a statement maker, an accomplishment and a feel good purchase.








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Ducati Motorcycle: This Italian based manufacturer does not produce motorcycles for the everyday man. A Ducati  is what you arrive on for your High School reunion, to win the heart of the hottest girl in your class.  The asking price separates the common from the extravagant.




California King

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California King Bed: The biggest commercial production bed you can purchase, the California King bed speaks for itself. Having a sleeping platform which allows you to roll over a few times without falling off is a great luxury. You can have a party on your bed, and everyone’s invited.




Romain Barnett

Romain Barnett is the Associate Creative Director for Mr. Refined™. An ambitious, young, up and coming fashion consultant from New York City. Romain's strong point is styling men and women of all ages with creative and personal insights. He is also an experienced event coordinator with over 6 years of experience. IG: @MrCeoGfc

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