Traveling Light – 7 Packing Tips

With airlines fees for luggage increasing, efficient packing saves your wallet and makes your trip more enjoyable. If you are traveling for business or pleasure, do not overdo it. Instead, follow these simple tips:

Tip 1: Be Neat

This will create more room while freeing up space for other essentials. Have a separate travel toiletries bag to prevent any spills from shaving and hair products.

Tip 2: Ties

Make sure you roll your ties and  insert them carefully in your shoes.

Tip 3: Pants

You can fold them, but I prefer to roll them as well. If you fold them, make sure the creases are sharp, if you are a crease type of gentleman. If you don’t fold carefully, you will get them wrinkled, have double creases, and have to iron them again. All good reasons to roll instead of fold.

Tip 4: Suit Jackets & Blazers 

I usually turn my suit jacket inside out with the sleeves on the inside. It’s best to fold it in on itself alone starting with the center of the back, then once more into quarters. Keep in mind that the smoother the cloth, the more likely the jacket will tend to crease.

Tip 5: Dress Shirts 

This is not a big deal if you wear “No-Iron” shirts, which usually won’t wrinkle much. Otherwise, put the shirt on its back, take the two sleeves and fold them on the back of the shirt while taking the edges of the shirt and folding them into two parts giving the shirt that brand new store look.

Tip 6: Socks 

Roll and insert into your shoes. Or, you can tuck them in the corners or where there is room.

Tip 7: Unpacking 

Once you get to your destination, unpack, and hang your clothes. If anything gets wrinkled, you can re-iron or take a hot shower and hang up your shirt or pants in the bathroom. The steam will get some of the wrinkles out. Be careful not to let your clothes fall on the floor, adding more problems by picking up dirt or lint.

Sean Hembrick, MFA

Sean is an experimental writer living in Harlem, NYC. His topics of interest including traveling, fashion, and higher education. For more information, check out Sean's: Blog: Facebook:

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