Trendz Tip Wednesdays: Fashion Forward Style for the Larger Guy

Naturally, The best way to look “great” in the long-term when you’re a little on the heavy side is to lose excess weight with the help of a proper diet and exercise program. Once you start shedding pounds, your clothes will fit better and your confidence will increase along with your motivation to try new fashions and styles. Being that WE are not all there yet, here are some helpful suggestions that will help you to still execute a “Fashion Forward Fit” at your current size.

Your clothes should fit perfectly. Garments that are too tight will reveal all the lumps and bumps you’d rather not draw attention to. Speaking for myself, a guy who is 6’4 and 240 pounds, a proper fit becomes an essential part of my style. The “Golden Rule” for us gentleman that are on the larger side is to GET MEASURED from head to toe. You should primarily pay attention to your Shoulder width, chest size, neck size, true waist size, torso length, the size where you actually wear your pants, inseam, out seam, shoe size, the works.

Some other helpful tips I gathered are the following:

1) Stay away from tops with slop shoulders

2) NEVER wear “low rise” bottoms

3) EMPTY YOUR POCKETS! (Trust me you don’t need to draw any attention or have your clothes gather)

4) V-neck Shirts are great! (Draws an illusion)

5) Wear Three-button Blazers, releasing the last button..


7) Avoid “Bulky Blazers”

8) Wear pants with a longer hem

Those are just a few helpful tips that work for me and perfect my execution! I hope this was a help to you as well…

-Bobby Trendz

Bobby Trendz

Bobby Trendz, CEO of TRENDZpad Fashion Based - Consulting Company & Lifestyle Blog. TRENDZpad services include Visual & Celebrity Fashion Styling, Event Planning, Social Media Management & Artistic Development. Clients include Dancy Automotive Group, E Riley HR Group, Jubilee Enrichment Foundation, etc. Bobby Trendz has devoted his creative ability to assist, innovate and inspire.

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