Valentine’s Day Travel

Valentine’s Day is not only a reminder to appreciate our loved ones, but also a good excuse for a romantic weekend vacation.  A quick getaway in February does not have to break the bank either. Cheryl Rosner, CEO of Stayful and former President at Expedia, shares tips for skipping the roses and chocolates and surprising your loved one with a quick getaway.

Tip 1: Plan Ahead

Planning early will save you money on flights and hotels. Try to book all the elements of your travel at least 3 weeks ahead if you are looking for specific flights or hotels. That means you need to book right away.

Tip 2: Make It a Surprise

You don’t have to tell your loved one every detail about the trip. Why not just tell her to pack for a specific type of weather then surprise her with the destination at the airport.

Tip 3: Stay at a Special Hotel

The great thing about Boutique and Independent hotels is that they are all so authentic and you can find a very special place to celebrate with your partner that is as unique as they are. Every city has great hotels at every price point, so keep an eye out for what suits your budget. On Stayful, we feature a variety of hotels to suit every price point. The experience will be tailored to what is meaningful to you and the hospitality will be authentic to that city.

Tip 4: Staycation at a Hotel in Your City

Chicago, NYC, Boston, Miami, LA are all amazing places to do a staycation. Why not spend a night or two in a different neighborhood? You can save on dinner by bringing an in-room picnic with wine, your favorite finger foods and chocolates then view a romantic movie. But do order breakfast in bed.



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