Wanderlust 2016

Have passport, will travel! Looking for something different. Yampu Tours suggests a sampling of South America, Asia, and South Africa.



No need to be a wine connoisseur to fall in love with the Chilean wine culture in the Lake District. Fly to Santiago to reach the impressive Hotel La Casona de Vina Matetic. Train your palate with the Chef’s wine selection in the vineyard during a barbecue lunch after a morning of horseback riding. Luxurize your adventure and add nights in the Vira Vira Hacienda Hotel. Pair a delicious all organic dinner from the biodynamic farm with the finest Chilean wines. Honeymooners will love to contemplate the veil of dusk slowly falling on the property’s private river.


With the summer Olympics being held in Brazil this year, the country will officially waive visa requirements for US, Canadian, Australian and Japanese citizens. This makes it easier than ever, Brazil is the place to go in 2016.  Search for the jaguars in the Natural World Heritage Site of Pantanal, the largest food plain on the planet. Be surrounded by nature and witness deers, caimans, capybaras or anteaters coexist during an expedition to different ecological reserves. Have a sweet tooth? Then you’ll love tasting the different flavors of Brazil’s famous cacao on the Chocolate Trail in Bahia.


The cultural heritage of the country is opening up to travelers now that Myanmar built its path to a better political stability in 2015. Discover the untouched landscapes of South East Asia aboard relaxing cruises from Yangon to Bagan and ending in Mandalay. Traditional medicine and massage play a big part in Burmese daily life. Discover the invigorating benefits of traditional massage at the hands of the “blind masseuses”. Explore the famous herbal medicine market in Yangon to find Myanmar’s secret for ageless beauty, the tea leaf salad Thanaka.


In 2004, a set of Buddha statues were randomly discovered by a shepherd in the caves of Tham Phu. Go kayaking in the turquoise waters and explore the labyrinth caves with a Yampu guide in search of old relics. In the Tamarind Gardens of Luang Prabang, a Chef teaches how to cook varieties of Jeow, the fundamental Lao spicy dipping sauces, Mok Pa, a popular dish of fish steamed with herbs in banana leaves or the Tamarind’s speciality, lemongrass stuffed with chicken & herbs.


Last year, the country decided to ban all forms of game hunting. Along with private reserves’ initiatives, endangered species like black rhinos have been introduced to safe areas for the pleasure of travelers’ sightseeing. Fly to a selection of luxury eco-lodges and walk with elephants. Have a lunch in the bush and interact with gentle giants to experience the most memorable form of animal kindness.

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